Explore an Intimate Cinema

Cinéma de l’Intimité
So the interface of the main page will correspond to ten closed-cans, which will represent 10 Canadian Animators, such as Michèle Cournoyer, Francine Desbien, Clorinda Warny, Susanne Gervais, Torill Kove. 
To further deepen the analysis on women's writing, it was decided to investigate the personality and the work of Michèle Cournoyer and to stage the inside of her own jewel box. In this case, the top box contains five items corresponding to the five introspective animations made by the authoress and produced by the NFB: an egg for A Feather Tale / La Basse-cour; a stem glass for An Artist / Une Artiste; two broken arms for The Hat / Le Chapeau; a stack of paper sheets for Accordion / Accordèon; three toy-soldiers for Robes of War / Robe de guerre.

After selecting one of these objects, the enjoyment of each animated short-film is offered to better understand the
Cinema of Intimacy.  The artist experience is turned out, as well as the animation itself, with multimedia contents including video-interviews and personal quotes, while the design composition wants mainly to reflect the symbolic and surreal atmosphere typical of the Michèle Cournoyer's works.
Accademic Master Thesis