While this piece started off as just a companion to the chosen article (below) it became much more than that.
Its quite a personal response to the seemingly never ending quest of human kind to further our knowlege of the universe and where we come from.
related to an article about the controversy surrounding the effectiveness of anitdepressants and their possible role in neurogenesis (the creation of new neuron cells)
'My Crap Holiday: the Sights and Sounds India Throws Up'

a young honeymooning couple writing about their trip to india, they wanted exotic experience, beautiful colours and architecture, they got vomit, diarrhea and bugs.
sometimes there can be remarkable similarities between our fluid memories of dreams and real-world occurences, giving rise to feelings of premonition a great many people claim to have experienced.
scientists are still exploring the mysteries of genetics and evolution..
'Natures Ancient Mariners'

scientists have tracked sea turtles migration routes as they travel for months at a time between africa and south america
UK businessmen have been caught shipping Chinese made ak47 ammo into the US, breaking a trade embargo. 
The wider scope of this story reveals that the US is increasingly worried about the threat of chinese industry to its own economy.

ring necked parakeets are now an abundant sight in london, and their growing population could mean trouble for native species