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    New identity and uniforms for Air Force Academy football


What does it mean to be a U.S. Airman? How can the football team represent that visually? The goal of this project was to answer those questions and refine the identity where it was already strong, add to it where there were holes, and create something that was just as cool as the Navy and Army football identities. With great visuals to pull from like fighter jets and Air Force insignia, I designed something that is hopefully exciting for Air Force football and represents this team in a way that has never been done before, with a strong focus on “athletics”; not “war”.

When USAF Thunderbird slot pilot Curtis Dougherty was asked about the fighter pilot stereotype of a cocky “Top Gun” personality, his response was “I will tell you this; In my opinion AF fighter pilots are taught to have a certain degree of pride in what they do. They are taught this because failure in doing their job could cost them their lives, could cost there squadron mate their lives, and could cost our country an airplane or a war. 'Do better next time' might not cut it if there isn't a next time. You are taught to want to be the best so you can do your job and keep good people alive.”

This is the basis for the personality of the new Air Force Falcons Football identity. Confidence, pride, swagger, and tied up as cleanly as any military uniform is expected to be. This identity is not meant to grab attention because it is yelling for it; it grabs attention because it is just that damn cool!