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    This was a project for a concert that I was given in my final typography class. It combined my hand & digital skills to make the results.
Since this project was for a themed concert, I wanted to make sure that the poster was not only visually beautiful, but was a reflection of the music that was to be played at the show. 
So I started my research by listening to the music that was to be shared. There was a mix of traditional classical music from composers like Mozart and Bethoven which contrasted heavily with pieces like “Warehouse Medicine” Bates, all to be played during the same concert. 
I then moved to the computer to research some more. A little googling revealed that all of the artists to be featured had something in common. All of them were considered to be crazy different in that genre durring their time.  So now the theme “Maverics of Sound” made sense to me. Miriam Webster defines a maverick as “an unorthodox or independent-minded person” so I knew I wanted to make sure that my poster reflected that nature of the different composers.
My design process started with me thinking about ways to show the “indepentent thinkink” behind the composers that were to be featured in the concert.
I started sketching really just shapes and lines to figure out the shape I wanted the poster to take. After looking at a couple, I landed on a sketch that resembld shattered glass.
Then I started to think of what and how I wanted to create the background for the image. I found some images online of magazine collages where color and shape were formed from cut up photos. I decided on using blue and pink for the piece. Blue is calming and thats how I typically think of classical music, and I thought it would be a perfect to represent the artists in the show with the bright pink breaking up the blue.
I started collecting images from magazines that fell within the blue color scheme. I cut them into random sized strips. Then I started glueing them to a board to create the background image. I worked in a circular motion starting with dark blues and blacks. The closer to the center of the composition, the brighter the pieces became. 
The end result felt like an ocean. I had created a sea of blue. and then it was time to break it up with the pink.
Once I was done with the collage, (and it dried) I did a high resolution scan of the image I had created.
I then added the type and logos. Continuing with my interpritation of the theme, I used a masking layer to break up the text on the poster. 
Because my design was chosen, I then had to translate the look and feel of the poster into the show’s program. I used the same type treatments and imaging through out the book to give the whole event a nice cohesive feel.
Overall, this project was one of my favorites because I was able to use a mix of digital skill and hand crafted work to create an elegant solution for the clients.