Iceland's Glacier Lagoon
In the summer of 2010and 2011, we visited Iceland - possibly Europe's most dramatically sceniccountry. When Iceland was discovered in summer, the founder, so pleased by thelush potential farmlands, thought he has discovered the perfect country. So distraughtby the winter that destroyed most of his herd and crops, he called the countryIceland.

The founder ofGreenland decided on the name to try and influence people to move to it. SoIceland is one of the greenest countries whilst Greenland is one of the iciestcountries.

Many visitors toIceland are shocked and sometimes disappointed about the lack of ice.Fortunately, Jökulsárlón fulfillsthe desire to see ice. Fed by glaciers, the lagoon is constantly full of icewhich is deposited on the nearby volcanic beach to create a spectacle not soonforgotten.