Amsterdam Metropolitan Area - AMAX
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    by Momkai
Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA), in the very heart of Europe, attracts people and orga- nisations from around the world. For centuries Amsterdam has been a hub for world trade. In the years to come, the local authorities will make a joint and critical effort to promote the more intensive use of their territories.

AMAX has been realised because of the the contributions by Amsterdam Partners, Schiphol Group (Schiphol Real Estate), Province of Noord-Holland, SADC and local authorities Amsterdam (DRO, EZ and OGA), Almere, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer, Port of Amsterdam, Zaanstreek, Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam and Zuidas.

To give international investors and companies a better opportunity to get to know about all the possibilities of the area, a unique experience was created. What once was a static model of the landscape made from wood and foam now became a digital interactive standalone application with a voiceover which allows delegations to travel around the world and easily experience the look, feel and facts of AMA. This project was on behalf of and in collaboration with INDG.
Icon design
Landscape visualisation