Oh my, all this fuss, created or evolved.
Enough snuff, don’t buy a bluff,
both rooms are in one hall.
Divinely made, this creation.
Now we can evolve.
What stays the same, but Love?
Not you, nor I, nor stars above.
Divinely made, indeed, seems strange.
Created with the wisdom
that it would need to change.
Nature's revolution
For survival, the ultimate solution
Natural selection, survival of the fittest
All of world's species put to the big test
Adaptation, change is the only way
Evolution doesn't happen in one day
Who will become extinct? who will pass on their genes?
The world's brightest minds still researching what this all means
Evolution, slow and sure
For the earth's challenges, it is the cure
Evolution, theory of darwin
The story of how nature prepared us to win
Intelligent creation or evolution?
The debate continues
Which is the better solution?
Everyone has different views
God on one side, evolution on another
Let us seek the truth instead of fighting each other
Evolution, man from monkeys
To life's mysteries, it holds the keys
Evolution - The link between the plants, the birds and the bees
The storm unleashed by "On the origin of species"
Nature's revolution
For survival, the ultimate solution
Got my heart on the target
And my mind on illusion
It's a clever little market
Those laws of evolution
To suffer is to thrive
And comfort is the crux
That'll have you outta luck
While you're sitting on your bucks
But not me 'cause I'm flying free
And spreading my wings
As I ascend through the trees.
What are You...
Source of all that is,
One Who begat everything,
Cause of whatever came to be?
What are You...
Who spent your Being
in flash of Energy, over eons
expanded into a universe?
What are You...
Donation to a world,
Power into matter unfurled,
ever old, ever new?
What are You...
part of every particle,
yet apart and still
What are You...
Source incalculable
that became perceptiblle,
yet remains Infinite?
At 9.8 meters per second squared, items will fall
No matter how big, short or tall
Gravity Herself is extremely persistent
Objects within Her grasps are rarely resistant
Gravity is everywhere: Earth, the Moon, on Mars
She is omnipresent – even in the stars
But they stand there: proud and wrong
There are too many; they are too strong
They shout, “Gravity is only a theory! It mustn’t be taught!”
Without any regard to any logical thought
What about the evidence? It’s irrefutable!
But they need something for their religion that’s suitable
We fight, we plea, but always we lose
This Theory isn’t meant to confuse
I refuse to give in; it’s not fair
To raise OUR children without their share
Of the wealth of knowledge at our hands
Let us not hide it – let it shine
The Theory of Gravity is BEYOND divine
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