Branding Norway's largest gutter company

A more than 60 year old giant have been given a new lease of life. With the greatest respect for the history of the company, Kind have managed the transformation of Grøvik Verk’s visual identity, a Norwegian manufacturing company that has experienced truly fairy-tale success. An over sixty-year-old giant will be entering the future with a new refurbished look.

The rebranding of Grøvik Verk has been a big job that included communication management, concept development, design and implementation in many different channels. Several implementations have been developed, including a new website, web shop, a special product configurator and a new product catalogue.
The company is the very definition of an industrial success story, a story we aim to build on in future. Grøvik Verk is the leading manufacturer of complete gutter systems in Norway, and the country’s only producer of aluminium gutters. The first Grøvik gutter was installed in 1956 and it is still in excellent condition today. Grøvik Verk currently has distributors in seven European countries.

«I have collaborated with the Creative Director at Kind for almost 15 years now. He is a creative type who works both systematically and in a structured way. He comes up with incredibly good ideas, and we are always able to come up with a solution that we are both happy with. We have received a lot of praise for the branding and concept development Tom and his team has been responsible for. I have chosen to follow him ever since 1998 because I find our collaboration really fruitful, and because he delivers good creative quality in everything he does.»
Kåre Liadal Jr
CEO, Grøvik Verk
Logo construction
Stationaries including letterpressed businesscards in custom aluminium paper
Exhibition & Livery
Company website
Interactive design and development
Fun facts
Product Configurator
Product catalogue
Est. 1956
Grøvik Verk was established by founder Kåre Liadal. Grøvik Verk have a rich, well-documented and exciting story to tell. The first Grøvik gutter was installed in 1956 and it is still in excellent condition today.
Grøvik gutters are made of aluminium and are approved by the cultural heritage authorities in many places as a replacement for zinc gutters. Grøvik gutters made from untreated aluminium develop an oxide coating that protects them against corrosion. Rifts that arise as a result of cutting etc. thereby do not reduce the service life of the material. Grøvik gutters have a unique combination of durability and strength. Thanks to well-adapted solutions and their light weight, Grøvik gutters are easy to install. You can do it yourself with a little instruction. Grøvik gutters are cost-efficient. Aluminium does not rust, and if left untreated, it develops a beautiful silvery grey patina with time. 

Concept and design by KIND

Grøvik, Branding/Visual Identity