Digital Art:
   The Resume
 My video resume, because who'd want a designer who has a boring resume?
In Progress:

These are not videos, but they are stills from a piece called "The Story."  When the video is finished, I'll post it up.
Videos:First up are videos I've worked on.  These range from the more recent videos to the two that I worked on in the Army.  In both cases, I've trained students at both West Point and at LSU in video editing as well, though none of these videos feature student work.  
This is an example of a professional project.  I did the music, filmed it, did the lighting, keyed out the background, and did all the 3d and animation.  I really liked how the beginning animation turned out.
Motion Graphics 

These are motion graphics pieces I worked on.  I have a few more I've done as well, which I will add as time goes on.
I did this just for fun.  There's a few problems with it such as a mysterious floating ornament and if this were a professional project, I would definitely fix the lake to look more organic.  But I did it in one day just to test the concept and it came out great.
End of summer video for Art class.  Fancy, but I definitely would have picked a shorter song if I'd known how troublesome it was going to be to figure out what to do with it.
I'm a big fan of BJJ, and I help out my friends at  I do the website and this is one of the videos I did for them.
Hiring me is magical.  I made this for the woman in charge of applications, who liked it and submitted me for review.  Sadly, it seems none of the teams need a general 3d modeler right now.  (Sniff).  Hopefully, other companies in the game industry are looking for my talents.
I received this assignment one hour before it was due.  Not bad considering.
This was just for a class where the teacher assigned us an archaeological study of an ancient Roman city.  (My Degrees are in History and Philosophy, there was no digital art program at LSU until one year ago.)  She had a thing for Keanu Reeves. This was my very earliest work in After Effects.
Digital Art:

These are my basic digital art pieces ranging from drawing to 3d modeling.
The following are my abstract art pieces.  This one is "Don't throw stones in a glass house." 
Disco Zombie Chick, in T-model pose.
This is the "Orb of Power".  
I did two glass drawings of a Mandala based upon "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" book.  There was division over which one was the best, so I included both the beautiful mandala and the fire mandala.  Make your choice.
One of my two alien World projects, this one is the heroine on her solo journey.  (That's the woman on the lower-left hand side if you can't see her.)
One of our classes wanted us to do work in Illustrator without using color.  I'm not a big fan of that type of artwork, but this is what I came up with for my demo reel.
This is the second one, "Girl in the Glass".  I based it off the music video from the band Pendulum's "Witchcraft".
I was actually just bored when I made this and wanted to do something pretty with basic shapes.  It came out really nice and vibrant, so I added it.
Seriously, I needs a job.
This is a Greek bathhouse model.
This is Herb, a character I used for a short story.
This was inspired by the Surrealist artist Magritte, the goal was to include a variety of different art types in one scene such as basic photography, illustration, 3d design, and ancient map making.
Another character from a story, this is SCAR from the story "Blood is Tastier than Water."  It sounds terrible you say?  It was supposed to be.  The project was to write the worst story possible to look for mistakes that bad writers often make.
I also do T-shirt design as well.