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    A facelift for an existing wine brand
A former Lettering Student of mine from the Art Center College of Design contacted me 5 years after graduating and asked me to redraw the logotype for the flagship wine made on the family vineyard, Pelligrini Vineyards in Northern California. 
The existing Olivet Lane brand was in a Roundhand that was a little difficult to read and impossible to trademark. But the brand had some visual equity that they wanted to preserve.
The first thing I did was to open the tightness of the counters inside the ‘O’, the ‘e’s, the ‘v’ and the ‘a’. The spacing between the two words was reduced. In some versions, the loop on the capital ‘L’ was extended to become the crossbar of the ‘t’ in ‘Olivet”.
With the lettering was approved I proceeded to produce a series of pencil sketches for the olive branch graphic element.
final graphic element.