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    Album Cover for Colman 'Play to lose'
'Play to lose' · Album Cover

Colman is a one-man band, a solo project from the former member of Insanity Wave. The unique personality of mr. Colman inspired me to create the cover. 
Through the design you can read the hard process of a man who is trying in life over and over again... with no results.
A man, a born fighter is fixing his tie as a metaphor of the ability to understand and accept that everything you try to set in your life is not achieved, but be a gentleman to fit any outcome.
Facebook Cover
Sketch of a man falling down, starting point for the 'Facebook Cover'

'Tape' · Album Cover

A Tape of Rock n Roll, a Tape full of memories.
“This new album is more optimistic in its content, than its predecessor “Play to Lose”. It deals with hope and dreams, change and it also pays tribute to r´n´r from the perspective of the fan (tape) and the band.”

Role · Creative Direction & Design
3D Artist · Zigor

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