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    The ultimate music festival activation
Festivals are a key part in our consumer's lifestyle and this sponsorship delivered on all fronts. The opportunity came about due to my close relationship with the festival promoters and their need to have a creative, flexible sponsor that would maintain the spirit of the event. The 360 degree model used to promote this initiative (engagement, social, in-store, competitions, hospitality and data capture) is a great benchmark and was highly acclaimed by the CEO of Pentland Brands for marketing best practice for all the brands within the business. 

This 360 degree campaign most importantly was executed with great integrity and attention to every opportunity. This included;

* A variety of unique in-store activation across Boxfresh key accounts, 
* A significant registration of quality and relevant data
* A variety of different 'money can't buy' competition prizes and in-store sales incentives
* Exposure to 65,000 of the brand's targeted consumers in an innovative and engaging way
* Delivered an unprecedented ROI in media placements (£1.9 milllion value) 
* 5,000 new friends on Facebook through photo booth and image tagging
* Impacted the businesses bottom line through key account growth

"Wrecked on the Beach with Boxfresh" Facebook photobooth....
A key marketing opportunity that worked really well. We installed a panoramic photo backdrop from our shoot, brought in an old boat and a load of beach themed fancy dress and Boxfresh product. We spent the weekend shooting thousands of kids doing silly things.

We tagged and uploaded the images as we went and made 5,000 new likes for the Boxfresh Facebook. A lot of these pictures including the one below were used as our new friends Facebook profiles.

Facebook photo booth - 5,000 new likes as a result
All the advertising and in-store promotional imagery was shot authentically on the beaches of the Isle of Wight, featuring core key account product and authentic rock and roll Isle of Wight Festival memorabilia.
Key account product, real memorabilia and authentic IOW beaches
A money can't buy prize through Schuh, delivering 6,000 new names to the Boxfresh Schuh database.
In-store activation through Foot Asylum reinforced consumer awareness and was key to Boxfresh going all door distribution shortly after. Shop window at Arndale pictured above.
The beach was a huge success...see it for yourself!