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    Mural 4.00m x 5.00m. Black permanent ink and acrylic painting on white brick wall. Hammarkullen Folkets Hus, Gothenburg Sweden. Oct- Nov 2014
Hammarkullen is a multicultural suburb located 15km outside the centre of Gothenburg city in Sweden. It was mainly built in 1968-70 as part of the Swedish Million Programme.  I was invited to create a public mural at Hammarkullen's Folkets Hus.
This mural started without a final sketch, began as a texture moving all over the wall. I believe in murals as a way of interacting with people. In this way I got to know amazing stories from some of the neighbors, all of them with different backgrounds, from different places of the world and for different reasons but with a common destination: Hammarkullen.
The mural seeks to emphasize our similarities as society and our strength when we see more things in common than differences between us.
Photographs by: José Alberto Castro Sánchez