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    Thesis, Fashion Styling 3rd Year
A negative state of mind
One of the 3 photoshoots I did for my thesis (June 2011).

"This is ajourney through a person’s mind.

Open youreyes and touch the pages before you,


For feelingssuch as freedom, hope, happiness,

Satisfaction,excitement, warmth, love,

Will be yourguide to the positive sensations

Felt in aworld of colour and peace.

Whilefeelings such as sadness, loneliness,

Abandonment,emptiness, grief, loss, betrayal,

Will pullyour heart deep into the dark shadows

Of thenegative, enclosed shell of black.


How can afeeling be expressed through clothes, poses,

Conceptualstyling, location, atmosphere and photography?

How cancolour mirror the strength of one’s feelings

Present innatural elements of the scene and techniques used?


Broaden yourmind,

Let theemotions course through your body,

And preparefor the journey ahead."

Photography: Taida Celi
Styling & Art Direction: Suzanne Mortensen Stien
Assistant: Janne Marie Tvetene
Hair stylist: Matilda Sandstroom
Make up: Maren Kobberstad
Model: Mari Borgersen @ Heartbreak/Pholk