TEDxGUC's recruitment campaign on campus in the German University in Cairo
Objective : Recruit creative and curious minds. Those who want to learn and become             part of the TEDx community.
After several brainstorming sessions to come up with a theme for the campaign, we have finally decided on a set of values.
- Persistent
- Creative
- Adaptable
- Visionary
- Team Player
- Script writer
- Got An Edge
We decided on the slogan which was " Discover the X within "
Design Approach : The posters would have an X cutout in the middle.
                  Wherever the poster is hung, it takes the texture of the surface                   it is hung on. Hence " What's Your Texture? "
Where : According to who we were targeting & under which division, we decided on           where the posters would be hung.
The Divisions :
- Coordination & Logistics
- Design & Interactive Media
- Fundraising
- Public Relations & Advertising
- Social Media
- Speakers & Coaching
- Associates Development
Posters after printing. 50 posters were printed.
And finally the event. With 250+ attendees.
& a special thanks for all my fellow executives who have helped with this project.
TEDxGUC Recruitment Campaign - What's Your Texture?

TEDxGUC Recruitment Campaign - What's Your Texture?

This is a recruitment campaign for TEDxGUC 2015 in the German University of Cairo. The whole concept of the campaign is discovering the X within. Read More