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Navetas Energy Management
Navetas - a startup firm with a unique home energy monitoring technology - approached Cambridge Design Partnership to help them turn their technology idea into a product that was valuable to customers and commercially viable. The concept was a device that could attach to existing home electricity and gas supplies, and through monitoring specifics of resource use, discern which type of devices were being used in the home, how much and when. This needed to be relayed to a consumer touchscreen display and web interface to help customers learn about their home energy use and spot opportunities to reduce it. 

The key challenge lay in conveying energy consumption data in a simple and intuitive way for a wide range of consumers, and making the experience consistent across different display platforms including fixed-segment LCD. In an industry where the precedent was paper bills covered in table of figures, there was little known about the best way to convey data graphically and contextually, and so early work focused on identifying appropriate data visualisation for our wide-ranging potential market. 
My work included UX and UI, and extended to industrial design of a range of product housings, working with the software and electronics team to ensure it all came together seamlessly. Additionally I created a brand identity for Navetas, drafted designs for a new corporate website and specified packaging design for the product range as well. Less than a year from initial concept, prototypes entered user trials and attracted keen interest.
Early sketches to define UI elements and high-fidelity Photoshop mockups.
Web interface prototype.
Concept sketches for product housings, detailing fixtures and stand.
The product range: Modules to attach to existing electricity /gas supplies, plus consumer display.
Prototype consumer display on trial in a customer's home.