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    Mie Tierra - Apresentation
"Mie Tierra"  Branding
The fictional farm "Mie Tierra" is based on the Culture, Tradition, Language and Transmontana Soul.
Transporting us in each product through high mountain and the beautiful Douro river.

"Lenço dos Namorados - Fiancés Kerchiefs"The origin of "fiancé kerchiefs", also known as "kerchiefs of proposal" come from the distinguished and noble 17th and 18th centuries, these were adaptedby the girls who made use
of them when they aspired to win the hearts of loved ones. Since then, these scarves are depicted various kinds
of feelings felt by marriageable girls, expressed through symbols of fidelity or religious devotion in relation to the act of marriage and through verses which in most cases show the illiteracy of embroidering, so bad spelling or grammar errors are common.
The presentation of "mie tierra" farm brings to you the same magical universe, recovering graphic motifs and ornaments,bringing back the ancient culture andlanguage of Trás-os-Montes.


red wine |  sparkling

historyCaretos de PodenceMasked in fancy dress, the “Caretos” are the most enigmatic figures in Portugal. The “Caretos” are diabolic and mysterious of the past. They participate in festivities organised by farmers and seem to be an amalgam of  profane, magical and religiouselements, quite difficult to define.  The masked men show strength and vitality and have become mythical and sacred symbols, which are quite out of control becausethey come from nowhere in large noisy groups, spreading terror, excitement and laughter. The “Caretos” are undoubtedly the image of the local culture and traditionand more than reason for be immortalized in " mie tierra"  wines.
Some of the graphical pieces were created using traditional techniques and tools.