Publication Design and Creative Direction.
Involvement: Concept, design, development and production. Created visuals for all editorials, except for The Letter from the Editor and an article called Weighing In... For the illustrations I worked with two very exceptional artists, providing them with creative briefs, a very rough sketch and the article the piece needed to relate to. Managed and coordinated print schedule along with cost estimates for print, postage and illustrators. Design, layout and production included photo editing and photo illustration, and final production for print.
What did I do? Concept, design, development, and managed implementation.
Email Campaign.
Involvement: Initiated the idea of promoting to active customers by sending out a "look for the next issue" campaign. Initiated multi-variant testing with different layouts to ensure a high open-rate and click-thru. Design, development, implementation including HTML and CSS.
Banner Ads.
Involvement: August being a slow month in the industry, initiated the idea of using ad space with banner ads to generate more interest in both subscribing to the magazine and contributing. Design, development, implementation.