Branding and menu creation
This is a project originally started as a project for college (3rd year) but taken to a step further, creating a full branding for a non-existent restaurant. We were required to make the menu only but I decided to create the whole identity in order to present a more professional result.

The restaurant is supposed to be on the island of Tinos, in the Aegean sea. Its name, 'Kiria Kavurina', means 'Miss Crab (female)' and it was inspired by a famous traditional Greek song. 

The restaurant only serves seafood, using traditional recipes which are revised under a modern and gourmet perspective. It uses distinct ingredients from all over the Cyclades complex of islands and it never sacrifices quality for profit.

Although not presented in photos, I must mention that I have imagined the style of the restaurant not to be that of a traditional Greek tavern but rather of a rustic and vintage style, combining elements of the traditional architecture and decoration of the Aegean sea and that of the shabby chic style of French Provence. 
The sign outside the restaurant.
The business card (front and back)
The mail paper
The envelope (front and back)
The magazine ad