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    Logo for deappetizer.com
Logo for site deappetizer.com
Deappetizer.com is the site for those who used to eat a lot, but decided to do something to reduce their appetite. Idea of site is simple but clever in my opinion. Unpleasant pictures, which should spoil your appetite, are shown on the site. So, before a meal you can visit this site to change your perception of food for a while. All of the pictures are divided into three levels by their effect. The further the stronger.
Concept is Imagine that «Deappetizier» is a very unusual restaurant, where guests come to refrain from eating, so the primary duty of a waiter is not to allow a guest to eat.
General logo
All the waiter’s efforts to discourage guest’s appetite formed the basis for a series of logos for each level of pictures
Level 1 logo (gross)
Level 2 logo (nasty)
Level 3 logo (disgusting)
fridge magnet
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