We are Evolve , An Aspiring Egyptian Art Collective Filled With Talented Egyptian Artists. We Aim To Unite Different Types Of Artists Into One Collaborative Community,Our First pack is  called " Preponderance " .Our artists worked hard interpreting the theme in their own style and views.
Down To The River - By  Anwar Mostafa
Domination - By Mohammed Omran
EBOLA - By Anwar Mostafa
Prebonderance - By  Noha El-Gendi
Kyra - By  Akram William
Preponderance BY -  Karim  Adam
One  More Step  - By  Jasmine  Biisbal 
1990  - By  Ahmed Emad EL-Din
 Searching  -   By   Lubna Abd EL-Aziz
The Queen - By Ayah  Alghamry
Preponderance Of Blue  - By  Wafaa Samir
The Barbarian Balance - by Mokhtar Zain
The  Grey Girl  - By  Twins Cartoon 
Esperado   By - Ahmed Morshedi
Bring Death To Life - By  Ahmed Moheeb Yehia 
Gray Owl   By - Ahmed Elminshawy
Magical Mind   - By  Amr Shaalan
Upper Hand   - By  Espoir Samir
EVOLVE I - Preponderance