Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Super Caixa

This is the second project I've made under the seal of SansXerif, my recently founded design studio, owned by me and Peter Monte ( Peter was also involved on this project, mainly on Flash development and animation.

This microsite was comissioned to us by One-to-One, who asked if we could bring the already existing campaign (by Young & Rubicam) to the web. Based on the premise that CGD (Portugal's biggest bank) could help you develop your natural financial super-powers, the campaign greatly resembles the Heroes tv show.

We developed two MSN banners, the microsite and three desktop wallpapers. Each of the wallpapers relates to one specific 'super-power': Speed/Multiplication (MTV Credit Card), Levitation (Support to Entrepreneurship) and Strenght (CGD Nights).