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    Some wireframes and low fidelity mockups completed for my University Course.
First stage mockup of a website I'm designing for my cousins new Yoga Business, going for an earthy, spiritual feel, Work in Progress,
Fitbit Pro was a part of a group project in which we had to design a new interface and method of utilising the fitbit device in their day to day lives. My main concept was to provide more detailed information and help users get motivated by implementing goals and achievements related to setting and completing daily, weekly and monthly tasks, set by the system for more general, repeated tasks and by the user for personalised, specific self improvement. The following wireframe was my first attempt at mapping the idea.
Due to this project relying on collaboration and combining a groups ideas, our final prototype was an interface that would give a deatiled breakdown on your daily activity, and then provide detailed feedback for each hour of the day. My main contribution was the feedback system and the goal setting, based on using gamification principles and design techniques to give people daily objectives and goals to stay active.
Find was a touch-screen interface designed for use in the inner city, and was intended to provide suggestions on available locations or events happening in a particular area. The main concept behind the project was to provide a way for people spending time in the city to always be able to find something to do or somewhere to go, while simultaneously allowing them to discover new places. The guiding concept was to make the station as easy to use as possible, so this first page began by simply selecting your language and moving on, where you could then choose further based on the attractions and locations that the area hosts.