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    The book is made on the course in color from school «Начáла»
From September 15 to November 15, 2014, the school "Nachála" pursued a course in color. Course participants listened to 4 modules. Each module consists of practical and theoretical lessons. The works have been collected in the handbook in book form.
In this module, the color was seen in the context of chemical and physical properties. Color as the unit of information, color as a phenomenon. Practical exercises taught own tools.
In this module, students learn to bind the color with the color. Mastered color characteristics. Here there is the movement of color from point to point. Constructed an exact color wheel based on the features of eye optics, and mastered the elementary principles of Harmonization.
In this module, students mastered the second characteristic of color - saturation. Now the color is moving in two coordinates. On the job, we understood what is "medium gray" and what is "gray saturation." Also in this module to establish quantitative relationships of colors depending on their brightness.
This module consists of two submodules. The first part of the "Color as a sphere" where students learn a third characteristic colors - brightness. It has already been three-dimensional color model. Their harmonic system acquired three-dimensional structure.
The second part - the final part. Where students have already mastered aerobatics. All three of the structural characteristics of the interaction.
Throughout the course, each author has studied the color through the prism of their profession. School teachers helped adapt the skills learned in relation to their specialties. Each participant has the opportunity to develop a specific direction in their professional field.