Interactive bench
Usually very common habit of young people when theysit on a new clean bench is to write down a message or draw something on it. Mygoal was to transform that culture in something fresh and contemporary. implements traditional aesthetics -througha modern view- with interactive technology. Every bench has a data matrix onboth sides which links users on a forum-like web page where they can post theirmessage, upload photos or even chat with other users. This way every benchacquires its own history. At the back of, between the metal legs laysa 5 place bicycle stand. This way the product encourages people of Athens touse their bikes more.

A young couple gives teir first kiss on one of thesebenches. They can link on the web page, write their message (ALEX: Maria I loveyou so much!!!!!!! MARIA:
Me too!!!!!!!!!) or even upload a photo of them.
A group of young boys have a meeting point in a parkand they got "their" bench. They link on the web page, they posttheir message (BEASTIE BOYS RULZZZZZZZZ) and they upload a photo of them.
A middle aged lady goes every evening in a park nextto her house for a walk with her dog. She is sitting on the bench and watchingher dog playing with others. Suddenly her dog starts chasing a cat. She losesher dog. She can link in the web page, write her message (Mrs. PALOUSI: Today Ilost my dog in the park. If anyone can help please sent me an e-mail...) and even upload a photo of her dog.  

Mybench consists of the following parts: The sittingsystem made of wooden blocks, the metal legs and the metal bicycle stand. Allmetal elements are made of standard parts (DIN pipes, hollow structural sectionHSS etc) and the rear part with the flower design is made of metal leafs t=20mm cut with laser cutting machine. The use of standard elements gives limit the cost ofproduction while the absence of molded parts and the supply of raw materialsfrom local suppliers decrease the carbon footprint of the product.