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    On this year , I decided to make playing card set.
Cards Deck
This is WIP project
On this year , I decided to make playing card set.
Note: I will add finished cards at the top , and progress sketches at the bottom of this project.
First pair. King and queen of clubs. They have different details size , and this is not good.That's because i in the queen painting i used smaller brush size. I think when finish ace and jack , i will redo the king.
Here is very first sketches. I searched for style , and theme of my deck. I decided to make classical variant with four different "kingdoms" for each liar. Europian kingdom , Russian (because i am russian), Persian and China kingdoms.
I also decided to add some attributes to each kingdom , such as flowers for queens , animals for valets , and weapons for kings. Aces will have all the attributes that belongs to liar..
More detailed sketches of king and queen.
Sketches of valet and ace of clubs
...to be continue, watch for updates!