Aristotelous Square | Thessaloniki | Greece
This is an interior design/ reconstruction of an apartment located in the very centre of the city of Thessaloniki. The original design of Aristotelous Square belongs to Ernest Hébrard. The architectural style of the surrounding buildings is neo- byzantine. So the character of the interior design was imposed, on one hand by the demands and needs of the owner and on the other hand by the significant architectural style and character of the Square.
This interior design intents to give to the apartment a sense of an urban manor house, during the interbellum period.
Regarding the building materials, the following have been selected. White and colored plaster for the walls, elaborate wooden floor for the living room and the bedrooms, black and white marble for the entrance space and the corridor and red marble for the bathroom. 

This portfolio project starts with pictures taken during the beginning of the reconstruction works, continues with renderings of various design phases and concludes with renderings and drawings approved to be constructed by the owner.