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    These double-page ads remind potential creative students that a Sheridan education will help them stand out when it’s time to find a job.
Sheridan College - Faculty of Applied Arts & Design
It’s competitive out there.You’re not theonly one eyeing a career in film or photography. Lucky for you, a Sheridaneducation can keep you one step ahead of the competition. With programsemphasizing studio time, cutting-edge curriculum and state-of-the-artequipment, you’ll be ready for anything.
It’s competitive out there.Standing out infields like animation and illustration can be an epic undertaking. Fortunately,a Sheridan education gives you an almost superhuman advantage. Withunparalleled studio time and a world-class faculty, our programs are designedto power you to the top of the creative industry.

It’s competitive out there.Simply being agood designer or digital artist isn’t enough in today’s crowded marketplace.Fortunately, Sheridan can train you to be your best. With unparalleled studiotime, an in-depth theoretical foundation and a world-class faculty, you’llstand out for all the right reasons.