Project Background:
MAD Museum of Art and Design Singapore wanted to revamp their popular Artist Prints series for their new retail arm and commissioned us to design a new packaging. Each set of Artist Prints contains 12-15 artworks handpicked by the enigmatic founder of MAD herself, Jasmine Tay.
Design Intention:
We wanted a packaging that was practical yet visually distinctive, and an aesthetic that has a certain timelessness / versatility to grow in tandem with the expansion of the series. This was a key factor that shaped our final proposal – the design solution had to be easy to implement and robust enough to retain a coherent and strong identity for MAD as the series grows.

Design Solution:
A simple string & button folder with a twist – we sprinkled a generous amount of buttons on the cover. Not only does it create a sense of 'madness' that ties back to the MAD brand, the circular buttons and coloured strings become part of the overall design aesthetics, and create a distinctive visual language for the entire series.
We cant wait to see how the entire series will look in the near future!
Customers are free to arrange the coloured string in any way they want, thus creating a unique 'artwork' of their own whenever they seal the folder.
The first in the series is the legendary Taiwanese artist Chiu Ya Tsai.