MIME – A special cooling packaging system for bottles

„Mime“ is able to achieve 
the perfect drinking temperature within one hour.

To use „Mime“ the consumer has to buy a cooling 
packaging of the refrigerator in the shops and a bottle of champagne. 
After this the consumer has to insert the bottle into the „Mime“. 
With its unobtrusive yet elegant design „Mime“ 
promotes the bottle’s branding 
without overpowering it.

Our packaging system enables consumers to 
enjoy optimally tempered champagne at any given time.
The functional part of „Mime“ is made up of a rigid carton container, 
invisibly containing fully recycable polymer bags filled with a food save saline solution. 
These absorb the bottles thermal energy at sub freezing temperatures, 
thus cooling them down rapidly, while slowly changing 
their own aggregate state from solid to liquid.

The „Mime“ packaging system can be positioned 
and sold regardless of the positioning of the brand of champagne,
but to increase the brand awareness special branded „Mime“ 
cooling packages could be designed 
for established brands
of champagne.

Searching for the right construction:
Adding a color pattern can change your percipience of the form:
Delicatе and patient work:
Almost ready:
MIME – A special cooling packaging system for bottles

MIME – A special cooling packaging system for bottles

Team: Simon Kallus, Kalina Hristova, Roman Plaßmann, Simon Zimpfer „Mime“ is able to achieve the perfect drinking temperature within one hour. Read more
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