It began with the Kanto Pokedex Project by Justin Chan, where 151 artists from all over the world gave you their renditions of your favourite pocket monsters. The 152 Brazilian Artists Pokedex, a massive collaborative project spearheaded by Luiza and Thiago of 2Minds Studio, soon followed suit. Soon enough, more countries came up with their own Pokemon collabs.
Now, we are thrilled to present the joint artistic effort of the members of the Philippine Artists' Pokedex Project: a compilation of 202 artworks drawn and illustrated by Filipino artists from around the world. The project's launching marks the first year anniversary of the group, and coincides with the release of the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games -- more reasons for fun!
We hope that you enjoy this project as much as we did in creating and organising it. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to those who contributed and made this project happen!

Cheers to all of us!!
001: Treecko - Macauley Kevin Serrano
002: Grovyle - Erik Chang
005: Combusken - Joma Tuazon
006: Blaziken - Pidik Aragon
008: Marshtomp - Mikael Francisco
[Lineart: Mikael Francisco // Colours: Faiye Del Rosario]
Twitter: @mikaelwrites
009: Swampert - Red Bañares
010: Poochyena - Irish Chua
011: Mightyena - Reinagle "Gale" Rafael
012: Zigzagoon - Xavier Basa
013: Linoone - Sam Calimlim
015: Silcoon - Gerome Soriano
017: Cascoon - Jamie Borja-Balce
018: Dustox - Mac Andre Arboleda
019: Lotad - Bea Bennett
020: Lombre - Dione Kong
021: Ludicolo - Bea Talens
022: Seedot - Migui Gabriel
023: Nuzleaf - Marc Austin Gabat