These are portraits of people who didn't have what would be considered a typical lifestyle, but seemed to live it wholeheartedly. Some were just passing through--they chose to drift around the country instead of living a stationary lifestyle. Others might have been down on their luck. Each appeared genuine and honest. Many were eager to share something about themselves and happy to have a portrait of themselves. 
Upon seeing this man again, I asked him if he wanted his portrait. He didn't seem interested, and said he already had one in 'oranges'. I was confused, until he explained that "oranges are prison clothes, sweetheart." He reminded me of kind, older man my dad used to work with. 
Matt didn't talk too much--he was more reserved than some of the others he was with. He seemed a little nervous or on edge about something, especially when he began talking on the phone. 
David said that he used to be an artist, a painter. We talked about art for a while. He was rather soft-spoken, and seemed like a kind person. 
This man (I think his name was Leroy?) was a little distracted, and rambled a bit. He said he liked Bloomington because it had good shelters. He said that people told him he sounded like he was from Brooklyn, and continued to ramble helter-skelter. 
This woman talked about her plans to travel, to head out west. She appeared to be about my age, but seemed so young, probably because I can't imagine having the tenacity to do something like that. I hope she made it where she wanted to go. 
I was immediately drawn to Joseph by his attire and awesome beard. He had a dog, named Moonshine, and insisted that I take her picture too. 
Terry periodically shared his story with me in-between singing his own songs and playing the guitar on the street corner to passers-by. He said he decided to travel around instead of living in one place so he could play and share his music. 

Taz was one of the most friendly and outgoing people I met. It was almost as if he could have been another college student, just wandering around campus. He proudly showed me pictures of his two daughters on his cell phone, and proceeded to joke around as I snapped his picture.