The New World Manual of Style is a publication that offers a fun take on mastering the English language. Its companion app is IB4E make it the only English language style guide to embrace the digital form. These ads show how the brand uses color and its mascot, Mr. Wordsworth, to communicate a fun, playful message.
Billboard One
Mr. Wordsworth assumes the identity of a British police officer.
Mockup of billboard one in use.
Billboard Two
Mr. Wordsworth plays doctor.
Billboard Three
Mr. Wordsworth breaks out his nunchucks.
Mockup of billboard three in use.
Bus Stop Poster One
Avast-ye-typos! Mr. Wordsworth becomes a pirate.
Bus Stop Poster Two
Mr. Wordsworth shows the magic of good grammar.
Bus Stop Poster Three
Mr. Wordsworth trolls for good grammar.
Bonus: Classroom Poster
This print is intended for use in the classroom, and it illustrates five common grammar mistakes.