PICAPORTES - Door handles
PICAPORTES CONCURSO COLOMBO - Doorhandles for Colombo contest

by Mantis for Designboom contest and COLOMBO
Dos de nuestras propuestas fueron finalistas en el concurso Designboom 'hands on door handles' en colaboracióon con COLOMBO design.

Participaron 6209 diseñadores de 103 paises.

160 propuestas fueron seleccionadas y presentadas en la La Triennale di milano el 31 de mayo de 2011, dos de ellas nuestras.

Two of our proposals were finalists in the competition Designboom 'hands on do or handles' with Colombo design colaboracióon.

6209 Designers participated from over 103 countries.

160 proposals were selected and presented at the Triennale di Milano The May 31, 2011, two of them ours.

COTA lies in the idea of generating a design thinking in the drawing that generates the path of the handle; and at the same time emphasize the direction of rotation in which it is used.

The result was a product of non-arbitrary lines, consistent and fresh; COTA fits beautifully into house environments thanks to its versatile design; is stylishly direct in use and aesthetic appeal and it adapts to any enviroment.
STRONG. This robust proposal, takes the concept of the traditional strongbox to be incorporated in the design of this new door handle. Conveys and reinforces the idea of security. Designed for rustic spaces within a hi-tech style.