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    Rebranding of Natural drinking water "Iceberg"
Rebranding of Natural drinking water
Natural drinking water “Iceberg” is extracted from the purest Artesian spring known for over 200 years. The spring is famous for its purity and taste properties.
Working on the character of the brand I decided to feature the cold purity of the most inaccessible glaciers on the planet. The name “Iceberg” in the logo (sign) turns into a crown of ice. It’s a symbol of purity, crystal, “coolness,” dignity, and highest quality.
The concept was implemented as a stylized pattern of the ice surface, designed to support the legend that the bottles of sparkling clear cool water were as pure as the most inaccessible glaciers. To enhance the effect of transparency and identification with the water inside the bottle, some of the “ice” on the label is transparent showing the water, and some is in white, adding volume and brightness. I didn’t want the design to look too cold and prickly, so the writing of the logotype was made as open, soft, friendly.
Each element of the corporate identity reveals the overall concept while remaining in one, easily recognizable style. The concept of these graphic elements implies to create new versions of compositions, will make by different needs and formats in the future, which should work on scalable, unique and recognizable style. Company makes the delivery of drinking water in homes and offices. Therefore, the new company slogan reads “drink is served!”