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    Personal Project.
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Monomania is a partisan andpathological obsession with one thing. A fanatic one-track way ofthinking. A monomaniac is thus fixated on one thing in life.
In this series of portraits themonomaniac is a man: A young, male model who – in our world of prejudice - isunambiguously preoccupied with his own appearance. He lives his life convincedthat a one-track way of living may be crucial to his dream of making a livingof his looks.
The mask symbolizes the dreamabout the standardized, the perfect and often also the youthful appearance,which many – and not only models – think may pave the way for success. However,behind the mask hides an individual with a distinctive characteristic,personality and soul, which makes all the difference. The mask in the photos istransparent symbolizing that, in all matters, there is a person behind anyfaçade.
The project, MonoMan,portraits the young, inexperienced New Face models, since they possess a pure,ideal and youthful appearance which many people wrongly aspire to. The masksemphasize this. 

Idea and Concept / Pernille Ringsing
Photography / Pernille Ringsing
Models / Scoop Models and Unique Models
Hair and Makeup / Line Ahnstrøm and Mette M