Perry² Twins Feat. Abigail

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Abigail has one of those amazing voices, somber yet powerful, that transcends the dancefloor - she could sing the alphabet and I would be all in. Teaming up with the Perry Twins for "We'll Never Know," they have effectively created a track that blends ATB styled airy hooks, with electro and tribal beats that will work on a variety of dancefloors and even on dance radio. Pop music has been mining the 80s so much and with "We'll Never Know," it might be the track that kicks off the 90s sampling wave. (/via Dance Music )

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Client: DJ Perry² Twins, Los Angeles,CA  | Design: Svpermachine | Fatkur Rokhim
Artists: Perry² Twins feat. Abigail | Release: We'll Never Know | Single cover