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Energy Campaign.
100% Renewable Energy by 2050.
Climate change threatens the fragile balance of our planet’s ecosystems and significantly increases the risk of species extinction. A warmer world also poses great risks for society such as crop failure, water shortages and national security concerns. To avoid these devastating consequences we must slow climate change by drastically reducing the carbon pollution generated from burning fossil fuels. Embracing renewable energy, along with ambitious energy efficiency measures, is the best way to achieve the rapid pollution reductions we need while also creating millions of new jobs and ensuring America remains competitive in the global economy.

To help achieve this goal, World Wildlife Fund, in collaboration with energy consultants at Ecofys, prepared The Energy Report which explores how to power the world entirely by renewable energy by the middle of this century. The result is the most ambitious, science-based examination yet of a renewable and clean energy future on a global scale. It covers all energy needs and the challenge of providing reliable and safe energy to all. Importantly, it uses deliberately conservative assumptions: fossil fuel price increases of no more than two per cent annually, deployment of technologies available today and continuous but not disruptive renewable energy expansion.  It is an ambitious but achievable vision that outlines the key changes required to achieve a fully clean energy future and avoid catastrophic climate change.

For a better world.