The original package for A.Le Coq beer. Mainstream, regular beer for the masses. 
Badger beer (in English). A seriously twisted concept where the pre-launch campaign involved university students demonstrating and collecting signatures to make the badger the national animal of Estonia. As a branding exercise it was a lot of fun and was very well received.
Hell beer is what happens when you read cheap novels. Coming off a trip where four hours in the airplane were spent absorbing Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons". When this brief came along, it seemed natural to try an ambigram. The twist in this case is, however, linguistic. Hell in English means...well you know what it means. But in Estonian it actually means "gentle". In German it means "light colored". 
Like A.Le Coq, Puls is also not a "created brand". To find the name one had to read a lot of historical material. The rest came from its own heritage. The old bottle in the background is an guesstimate - we actually never found an intact label to see if label used to look like that or not. This time around, however, the client had the good sense to also invest in an original package, not just a new label.