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    watercolor character designs for a steampunk slice of life adveture
Airship Avalon
Character Designs and descriptions
The Airship Avalon is an ongoing slice-of-life steampunk graphic novel that follows the life of a multiple characters as they go about their daily lives, which are more often than not crazy and more hectic than an action adventure novel, and have enough drama to compete with a soap opera.

Here we have the main cast of characters, though more and more will be added over time. So enjoy and check back often!

James of the Lady's Secret Police (Left) and Airship Captain Fernando (Right) were the first to be designed. Their clothing had to both be functional to their roles in the story as well as a good representation of their personality. James is a much more flamboyant person than the reserved and duty driven Captain.
Here we have two fighter pilots, Wesley (Left) and Andrew (Right) sporting the two variations of their uniforms. Their job is to fly ahead of the main airship and to keep it safe from anything, whether it be an attacking airship, air pirates, or just a slow moving airbeast. They also function as scouts, and explorers.
Victoria (Left) and Nicole (Right) are an inseparable pair. Victoria is the overseer of the mechanics for the main ship. She keeps the beefy men and woman who are cut out for the extreme manual labor in line, no questions asked. Nicole designs and creates mechanical animals ranging from dogs and cats to Lady Morgan's (soon to come) garden fairies.
Kimberly (Left) and Torie (right) both enjoy the same highbrow company. That being said, their roles are quite different. Torie is the High Judge for the Airship Avalon and enforces the laws. Even though she may not follow them all the time herself, she takes her job seriously when she's on the clock. Kimberly is a young writer rooming with the airships new Historian (soon to come). And thus get dragged into the upper class, though she doesn't seem to mind.
Nicole (left) and Adam (right) work on the home front, unlike Wesley and Andrew. These two care for and educate the younger generations about the airship and whatnot. They are more reserved yet very caring characters with loads of patience to deal with the hoards of questions the children come up with.
And the last pair of this group are two denizens, upper middle class women, sporting two extremes of the fashion seen aboard the Airship Avalon. Jordyn (Left) is seen wearing a more risque and revealing dress than the fully covered Kati (Right).
Lady Hannah and Lord Paul help guide the Lady Morgan in both the running of an entire ship, and on the proper social etiquette of a women of her social standing.
Here are the ships main to diplomatic envoys, Shannon (left) and Armina (right). They are personal friends of Lady Morgan, and there for are sent on what the society usually deems a 'man's job'. But these lovely ladies get the job done like no one before them.
Lady Morgan, Left, and her second in command Lady Gabrielle. Between these two lovely ladies, the airship runs relatively smoothly, for the most part. That is until Lady Morgan finds a new fabric or dress for the latest gala. That's when the quest, and the chaos begins.