Put things in the right perspective.
Change the way you organise your space, books, things and tech and reach out for a beautifully simple and practical solution, easily adjustable under any angle. 360 shelf fits everything and puts it right at your fingertips. Simple, aesthetically perfected multi-use shelf in variety of vivid colours and materials will change the way you see and use things in your living and working space.
Choose your angle.
It’s your turn.
360 shelf is made to fit. It has an enviable span that ranges from a chic shelf for books and zines, handy landing for tech, to space for simple stashing or displaying of all your favourite things under any angle.
45 Fit to page – Books and Zines
90 Fit to screen – Tech
180 Fit to moment –Things
Turning things. And heads.
And yet it moves. With a simple built in adjustment system hidden inside, 360 shelf takes your favourite things for a spin. Set it at your own angle out of practical or aesthetic reasons and enjoy the perspective.
1. Choose the spot on a flat surface.
2. Mount the shelf on the holder.
3. Screw the pin to fix the chosen angle.
Any color fits.
360 shelf is made of high quality solid beech wood available in four different finishes, turning it into one of this amazing options.
You can’t go wrong because anything fits.
- Naturally natural
- Classy stained
- Mustard yellow
- Pure white
A turn for the better.
Applications: Living room (books and book colour patterns, zines, LPs, iPads), Kitchen (cook books, recipes), Bedroom (bedtime stories, games), Office (cases and binders), Waiting room (things that make waiting easier), etc. 
Get more, make more.
360 looks good at any angle. More even better. Get more than one 360 shelf and make beautiful shelf patterns.
Go one colour or multicolor and fit them under every possible angle - they are made to fit your needs and desires.
All angles of 360.
The 45 degree wooden profiles inside the frame are made from solid beech wood for the most natural feel. The frame gives support to any square or even round objects in various shapes and sizes.  

The Angular Holder / the core of the 360 shelf
Basic specifications
-Dimensions: 200X200x40 mm (wooden frame)
-360 Shelf holds up to 12 kg (26 pounds) if mounted correctly. 
-Fits: from CD pack or smaller to A4 format or bigger. Try it out.
-Package weight: 0,95kg (2,1 ponuds)
-Package dimensions 210X210x50 mm
Inside the box
-360 shelf in your favourite finish with holder and brass pin.
-Screw with wall plug
-2 step wall mounting instructions
360 shelf

360 shelf

This simple rotating multiuse shelf allows you to create wall color patterns.