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    My logotype portfolio from 2006 year till now.
Name: Charlie
Description: Music band
Published: September 2014
Name: Джуси Джус (russian transliteration of "Juicy Juice")
Description: Logo for hip-hop radio program.
Published: November 2013
Name: Kyiv
Description: Monogram for Kalyna Kyiv Boards
Published: October 2013
Name: Stalex Investments
Description: Investment Company
Published: August 2013
Name: Kalyna Kyiv Boards (kalyna is transliteration of guelder rose)
Description: Longboard Company
Published: August 2013
Name: Sofia Rotaru
Description: Singer
Published: February 2013
Name: Indar
Description: Insulin Production. Brand relounch
Published: November 2012
Name: Nuáre
Description: Brand which delivers coffee goods
Published: September 2012
Description: Photostudio
Published: April 2012
Name: RRO! Design
Description: Tuning, custom studio, superior street fighter bike. Unused proposal.
Published: February 2012
Name: InLife
Description: Medical Industry
Published: January 2012
Name: Aktiv-Garant
Description: Insurance Boutique
Published: September 2011
Name: AM
Description: Monogram for Aleksei Morozov — creative copywriter
Published: July 2011
Name: Hako
Description: Webstore of design clothes and accessories
Published: April 2011
Name: StandPoint
Description: Exhibition Stand Design. Collaboration work with Taras Lozhenko "Yasno Advertising"
Client: Yasno Advertising
Published: November 2010
Name: Integral Engineering
Description: Development, sales of software for a security console hardware
Published: August 2010
Name: Chantaje
Description: Bijouterie Company
Client: Headshot Brand Development
Published: January 2010
Name: Slinky
Published: November 2009
Name: Pizza Art
Description: Pizza Restaurant. Unused proposal.
Client: Karandash Graphic Design Bureau
Published: November 2009
Name: Happy Sausage
Description: Sausages. Unused proposal.
Client: Karandash Graphic Design Bureau
Published: October 2009
Name: Antares
Description: A star in the constellation Scorpius. Tattoo work.
Published: October 2009
Name: UAGP
Description: Ukrainian Association of Gas Producers
Published: September 2009
Name: Revolver
Description: Public Relations Company. Unused proposal.
Published: August 2009
Name: Ukrainian Drilling Company
Description: Exploration, drilling and sale of hydrocarbons.
Published: June 2009
Name: Ekspert
Description: For Dj Ekspert
Published: June 2009
Name: Energy Petroleum
Description: An oil company that produces and sells oil.
Published: March 2009
Name: Kolibri
Description: Tattoo work. 2-nd place at the international biennal of trademarks and logotypes "Tamga 2008"
Published: December 2008
Name: SEM
Description: Tattoo Work
Published: November 2007
Name: Copyright
Description: Personal project
Published: October 2006
Name: ASK
Description: Personal Logotype
Published: October 2006