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Sample Page for Coloring Book based on the Life of Thomas Paine
Illustration about Jim Bridger's Tall Tales. Jim Bridger sat around the campfire describing wonderous sights that he had seen, such as  a geyser he saw that shot "80 feet in the air and you could set your clock to it!"  None of the other frontiersmen believed his "crazy tales" as he went on to describe Yellowstone.
Illustration for an article about the origins of the saying, "That takes the cake!"
Illustration for story about the Classical Dances of India. Dance Issue.
Illustrations for a story about the different wheels found in an East Indian village.
Illustrations for a story about a little girl who wants to become a Flamenco dancer like her sister. Dance issue
Illustrations for a story about old family photos and geneology, Family themed issue
Illustration for story about King Tut's tomb. Egyptian themed issue.
Illustration of  scribes in training, based on ancient Egytian relief. The name of the magazine is spelled out in Egytian style letters, on the right page. Egyptian themed issue.
More from the Egypt issue of a children's magazine, pages 1 & 2.
Page 3 of story about kids making "King Tut's tomb" in a storage shed. From the Egypt issue of children's magazine.
Illustration for story about German heritage and their contributions to modern American society.Cultures themed issue.
Illustrating a poem about a wild and wacky football game in the jungle. Football themed issue.
Illustration for article about how money is made. Money themed issue.
 Illustration for article about money. Money themed issue.
Illustration of Frontier Photographers in Children's Magazine. Negative space is left open for body copy.
Border Design for Children's Magazine, Photography Themed Issue.
Illustration for Children's Magazines, Bee Themed IssueBee Line, Bee In Her Bonnet, Beehive Hairdo, Spelling Bee and Busy as a Bee
Illustration for Children's Magazine, Bee themed IssueBee Eaters, with Sidebar Information, pages 1 & 2
Illustration for Children's Magazine, Bee Themed IssueHoney Badger
Illustration for Children's Magazine, Australian Themed IssueHow the Kangaroo Got It's Name
Illustration for poem about a school rummage sale. Summer jobs themed issue.
Illustration for Children's Magazine, Summertime Themed IssueSummer Jobs for Kids, pages 1 & 2
Illustration for Children's magazine, Summertime Themed IssueSummer Jobs for Kids, pages 3 & 4
Illustration for Children's Magazine, Bravery Themed IssueWinter Passage