CDI is a non governmental organization in Brasil that deals with providing access to computers and technology for the needy. This is a step by step of a series of advertisements I illustrated by me with a very important help from my friends Felipe "Velhinho" Lobo and Lipe Azevedo when I was working at Seagulls Fly. The Agency was Mccann Erickson.

Another screen capture of the 3D part of the job, showing render tests done before the final set up of light and materials / textures for the keys. Note that the wooden background was not rendered in the final render. It was only visible to camera but not renderable in order to cast reflexes on the keys so as to make them more real. I have to thank my friends Luis Felipe, Gustavo "Gus" Duval and Felipe "Velhinho", the masters of 3D that most kindly helped / tough me how to reach the result I wanted. Many kudos to my friends! :)
Difuse render pass.
Reflex render pass. Note that the reflex aspect of the keys is chrome like, so I can have control on the amount of reflex I'd have on the final composition.
Shadow Pass.
This is how the basic composition of the keys look. Note that they are not under any post production yet. This is only the composing of the three renders.
Finally, after some Photoshop for the post production, this is how the image looks like.
Two of the ads illustrations ready.
A blow up of one of the ads showing some of the post production details. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!