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    128 pages of illustrations for Daniil Harms poetry.
Daniil Kharms Book
Illustrators: Uriy, Katya and Fil Dunsky, Nastya and Alexander Lepetukhin.
This is a long story book made by my father Uriy Dunsky and his friend Alexander Lepetuhin. My sister was 8 and I was 5 years old when my father came home one day and told us about this project. He asked us to draw some animals, people and other fun stuff. He always told us that we are doing good and we can proud so the work process was very exciting.

It was 1990th. My father used unique technique to create illustrations for this book. It looked like he used "hardware photoshop". Taking b/w photos of our drawings, then printing them in our bathroom at night, it was magic also. And finally cut them in pieces making collage. After that he took photos again, print and color it then. It was so time consuming! And breathtaking for all of us to work on this book.

After the USSR has fallen, the publisher house was dead too. And we were found the publisher only after 18 years!