Custom display font made from elephant trunks... Please note that no elephants were harmed in the process.
Creating this font was a priceless experience and I can only encourage every designer to try their hand at the task. It requires your planning and experimenting for the each letterform, which is it's own scenario and helps strengthen that problem solving skill. I find myself to be one of those who begin self initiated projects all the time and have difficulty finishing them at the price of losing interest after every day that goes by. However I found designing this font gives you a light at the end of the tunnel and a finite point as opposed to the traditional thought that "it's never perfect, I can always tweak or add more," otherwise known as the designer's curse.
Trunkalump began as a small doodle for a blog contest a friend showed me which I just wanted to be a part of (you can view each individual letter here and snowballed into an entire collection. Can't wait to tackle the next font... No doubt, this won't be the last.