"Fish&Rice" Rice Packaging 年年有鱼
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    丰番农品是一家专注于生产有机农产品,并弘扬传统东方农作文化的品牌。环保,文化,简易,方便是关于这款精米包装设计的关键词。“年年有鱼”是中国传统的一句祝福谚语,鱼和“余”在中文里有同样的发音,所以人们会以“年年有鱼”来象征每年的丰收富足的意义。一体式米袋的设计不但在结构上呈现出新颖,亦完美体… Read More
    丰番农品是一家专注于生产有机农产品,并弘扬传统东方农作文化的品牌。环保,文化,简易,方便是关于这款精米包装设计的关键词。“年年有鱼”是中国传统的一句祝福谚语,鱼和“余”在中文里有同样的发音,所以人们会以“年年有鱼”来象征每年的丰收富足的意义。一体式米袋的设计不但在结构上呈现出新颖,亦完美体现造型美感,而最重要的是这个设计连接两边的重量形成一个自然的把手,满足了包装需要提领的功能需要。整体包装结构力求简洁精致且易于搬运,以原始的白帆布和传统蜡染技术呼应传统的手作文化。图案上的米粒和麦穗点缀出这款精米产品的特质。 Read Less
Fengfan farm products is a young brand, roots from jintan,a traditional village prossesses beautiful natural scenery and abundant agriculture resources locates in south china,fengfan aims on supplying fresh local farm products ,and celebrating/ educating traditional farming cultures to the city .recying ,culture and protability are keywords for this 10kg rice packaging design .in mandarin,”fish(yu)” is a homonym with “abundance(yu)” . people are using “fish every year “ as a blessing to each other especially duing spring festival. The one-piece design is not only structurally smart to emphasize the shape of the character, but also its two sides weight joint forms
The handle naturally ,which meets the need for carrying .traditional white canvas material and wax printing process enhance the theme of culture. Detailed graphic of rice and wheat represents the character of the products delicately.

 rongdesign期间设计作品 designer:Xianghailong Daichenglong