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    A collection of my best works at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.
A collection of my best works at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.
1. BPA Hovercar Wireframe
I modeled the exterior and the parts that were animated.
The interior was modeled by John Moore.
2. BPA Hovercar Animation
I modeled the car’s exterior, the platform, and the terrain/sky. I textured and lit the whole scene, rendered the finished Maya files, and animated this segment.
The modeling of the track was  a cooperative effort between myself and Cameron Satterlee.
3. Pixlfest Trailer
I used adobe After Effects CC 2014
For animation, on the 3D  elements I used the After Efects plugin Element 3D. For the pictures I used four-point tracking on the squares.
4. Francis Tuttle Recruitment Video
I used raytraced text, After Effects’ “Track Camera” feature, and created the lighting in each scene. In “Manufacturing”, the lighting is animated to match the welding behind it.
Original footage recorded by Jordan Bickerstaff.
5. “Meow”
This model was created for 3D printing and is therefore not textured.
“Meow” is a character in the anime “Space Dandy” by Bones. This model is strictly for personal use.
6. BPA Hovercar Animation Continued
I did the lighting, texturing, environment, modeling for the exterior of the cars, some modeling on the track, and the rendering.
Rigging on the cars done by Evan Ferguson.
7. Francis Tuttle Recruitment Video Continued
I created and blended a false surface on the smart board so that the text could “pop out” through it.
Original footage by Jordan Bickerstaff.
8. Pixlfest Trailer Continued
The squares were modeled in Maya, then replicated, textured  and animated in Element 3D.
Trailer created for Pixlfest 2015.