Securing transit funding: 
The Counties Transit Improvement Board legislative piece
During the 2008 legislative session the Minnesota State Legislature passed a comprehensive transportation package that included the option for counties to levy a one-quarter percent sales tax devoted to transit development. Five Twin Cities Metropolitan Area counties voted to implement the tax and create the Counties Transit Improvement Board to facilitate collection and distribution of the tax revenue, as well as to ensure funding into the future. 

Since the Minnesota State Legislature has the ability to alter the amount of funding the member Counties can collect and how that money is spent their support for how the Counties Transit Improvement Board collects
and allocates funding is vital. The challenge is that legislators are often extremely busy and do not have the time to read all of the legislative information that is provided to them. The purpose of the Counties Transit Improvement Board’s legislative piece was to grab the attention of the legislators, while delivering the key messages in a concise and multi-layered way. High level messages are easily found, detail is provided in an accessible way and it is packaged in a piece that can fit in your pocket.
Project: Securing transit funding: The Counties Transit Improvement Board legislative piece
Project Team: Alex Parke (art direction and design), Gail Plewacki, Sara Habig (copy)
Illustration: Alex Parke