Best items from 5 design shops in 1 bundle
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1. Authentica by Artimasa
2. Advena by Artimasa
3. Adelia by Artimasa
4. Felisha by Artimasa
5. Phillnesia Typeface by AlterDeco Typefoundry
6. Sea Horse typeface by AlterDeco Typefoundry
7. Shakehand typeface by AlterDeco Typefoundry
8. Hydenia typeface by AlterDeco Typefoundry
9. OldOpera custom type by AlterDeco Typefoundry
10. Big Lodge Type by AlterDeco Typefoundry
11. Lemonade font with 5 Badges Bonus by inu mocca
12. The Empire Wars (family font) by inu mocca
13. England + Poster vector by inu mocca
14. inuTattoo Script + Poster Vector by inu mocca
16. DEATH CROSS FONT with BONUS 15 Badge by Inksun.aksara
17. DEATH CROSS Capital FONT  by Inksun.aksara
18. Brington Font by Inksun.aksara
19. Tales of dragon font by Inksun.aksara
20. Zimat Font – 3 Fonts by Inksun.aksara
21. Tirtayani handmade lettering by Inksun.aksara
22. Whirly Birdie 26 by Skyhaven Fonts
23. The Perfect Wave by Skyhaven Fonts
24. Bright and Beautiful by Skyhaven Fonts
25. Bamboo Brisk by Skyhaven Fonts
26. Red Moon Rising by Skyhaven Fonts
27. Strange Rituals by Skyhaven Fonts
28. Summer Jams by Skyhaven Fonts
29. Songbird by Skyhaven Fonts
Mega Bundle: 29 Custom Fonts